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Dr. Sarch as gypsy

"When I was a high school student, most of my friends had photos of sports stars hanging on their walls at home; I had concert flyers with photos of famous violinists like Stern, Menuhin, Ricci, Heifetz, Milstein and Elman. There has always been something magical in hearing a great violinist performing on stage. 

In my concert performances, whether solo, chamber music or orchestral, I try to create that magical experience for my audience. I think of a concert violinist being like a great actor: bringing to life in one’s own personal way, the emotions and messages of the music being played like an actor bringing a character in a play to life. I discovered this when I was engaged to play a Gypsy violinist in a Checkov play by a theater company in Hartford. When I dressed in costume as a Gypsy and entered the theater, I no longer felt like myself playing, but really as if I were an actual gypsy. I played so differently in costume – with complete abandon and with imaginative freedom. I recognized that I had played quite differently on stage– more reserved and self conscious. I liked how I played as a gypsy and realized that getting out of myself and into the character and meaning of the music was the secret to reaching the audience. This is how I play now!"